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You work with integrity in all you do...

We both want to thank you so much for all your help and advice as we went through the process of selling our Hayward home. We greatly appreciated your knowledgeable assistance, and promptness in responding to both voice mail and e-mail. Although at times we had differing thoughts on what to do or how to do it, we followed your advice and were rewarded with the sale of our home after only 10 days on the market.

We also very much appreciated your help, patience and willingness to guide and advise us as we sought to find a home in the Bay Area so that we could be near family in the San Jose area. Although ultimately the call back to the Northwest was too strong to resist, what we learned from you in the process was very helpful to us as we proceeded to look for a home in Washington State.

You work with integrity in all you do, and this is something that seems so rare in today's society. Your experience in the field was a wonderful asset as we progressed through both the sale of our home and our search for a new home for the next chapter in our lives. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with you!

With many thanks and best wishes for the future,


The Decker Family

I couldn't recommend someone more highly than Nick.

Nick Testa in the Los Altos office, is the best agent I have ever met.  He has helped us sell our last two homes, and buy the home we are in now.  The last house we sold with him was back in 2009, in Los Altos Hills.  There were a couple of other houses for sale on the same block.  He successfully moved our property, while the others on the street just sat on the market and languished.

Ted L.

I believe Nick made me the most money I could from the sale...

I am an experienced real estate investor. I have worked with real estates agents who merely want to get the deal done, fill out the paperwork, and collect their commission. I have also worked with real estates agents who have my best interest at heart. They take care of not only all the paperwork, but the many duties I have come to expect a real estate agent with whom I choose to deal to perform.

When it came to selling my very artistically eclectic home of 56 years (next to the expressway) in Los Altos, California I chose to work with Nick Testa. I knew he would go that extra mile for me. He learned as much about my family home- its unique history, its many repairs, upgrades, remodels, and it's custom features that had been incorporated over the years. He arranged for the many inspections needed for the sale. He personally met with each of the inspectors. He arranged for the staging of the house and paid for that.

He arranged for open houses and personally held those rather than delegating those gatherings to an associate. He skillfully rebuffed concerns about the originality of the house and its location next to the expressway.

The result was that I achieved my price point and I believe Nick made me the most money I could from the sale. I would not hesitate to work with Nick Testa on another real estate deal anytime in the future.

Antonio Modica |
Golden Hoof, Inc.

We were so fortunate to have met and chosen you...

We did not know you and we were not given your information through a recommendation prior to my solicitation on the Internet for an agent in helping us with our real estate needs. Without question, I confidently feel we were so fortunate to have met and chosen you and could not have expected better representation.

At a time that could easily be considered the bottom of the real estate market, we placed our townhome for sale. Further complicating the situation was the fact that we completed a purchase of a short sale home with your help just prior to this and needed to get the sale done quickly to avoid carrying two mortgages. Your effort in the purchase of our new home was outstanding. But now you would be our selling agent and I anticipated a long and difficult experience given the circumstances of the 'buyers market' we were in.

Nevertheless, we were thoroughly impressed that you got our home sold in three weeks. You were able to get us multiple offers and ultimately a price well above what we reasonably expected when we sat down with you at the start of the process. You gave us valuable advice and made several important recommendations prior to putting the home on the market.

Undoubtedly the success of this selling transaction and the previous home purchase is attributed to your thorough knowledge, many years of experience, superior communication, and ultimate professionalism. Having now been on both sides of the real estate spectrum I can credibly say it can be difficult and stressful at times. ln hindsight it would have been a much greater challenge had you not been representing us every step of the way.

Brian Winco & Jannette Mendoza

Thank you so much for going above and beyond...

I wanted to thank you so much for going above and beyond to help me find a condo that was within my price range and exactly what I was looking for. You went above and beyond be continuing to pursue units in the building that I fell in love with and found a really awesome seller who was looking to sell quickly. You made the entire process run pretty smoothly for a first-time buyer, stayed positive through the loan process and helped myself and my parents navigate the whole thing.

The whole process, which I have heard was confusing, frustrating and hard , was mostly smooth, very educational and enjoyable. It has been even more fun to furnish and decorate my very first home and imagine the future that I will be able to create there! I will gladly refer you and your services to my friends and colleagues.

Dana Kirk

I want to thank you for your fantastic work...

I want to thank you for your fantastic work in the sale of my Mother's home in Fremont. This home was our family home for 54 years and has special meaning to my 2 sisters, the 6 grandchildren, and me. After my mother passed away you guided us on the entire remodel process with ideas and suggestions that made the home beautiful and ready for sale . You were always honest, straight forward, and professional . With your follow-up, attention to detail, and being on time we were able to have the home ready for sale in early April 2012 as we had planned and hoped. This resulted in a sale for over asking price and complete close on the sale in 3 days from acceptance of the buyer's offer! From listing to close it only took 10 calendar days.

Thanks again for providing such wonderful service and I look forward to working with you again in any future real estate dealings.

Daniel Faria

His manner was not the least pushy or demanding...

Nick listened carefully to what we wanted in a purchased home and found us what we were looking for in record time.

When Nick first contacted me by phone I found him to be warm and at the same time business like. His tone of voice and measured approach convinced me to invite him to my office for a face-to-face meeting.

He was on time and prepared to explain his experience in real estate and the residential areas in which he had the most experience. His manner was not the least pushy or demanding. He listened carefully to what I described as "must haves" in the house my husband and I were interested in. We wrapped up our meeting having spent just the right amount of time. He left me with an excellent quality portfolio including his contact information, a brief bio and a description of the company he represents.

Then he contacted me by phone. Some life changes bad occurred and my husband and I elected to postpone our search. The second time he called I asked that he be patient and wait for a return call from me. I told him that we had decided he was "our guy" but it might be a while until we could get our search back on track. To my delight he did exactly what I asked him to do: waited patiently.

The next time I called him I had prepared to begin our search by first contacting the financing agent he had mentioned as someone he trusted.

My husband and I were driving around on a Saturday and by chance ran across a house we loved. I called Nick immediately and despite the fact that he was in New Orleans at a wedding~ he acted immediately and did everything in his power to put an offer in on the house by the MONDAY deadline. It was the most amazing and supportive service I've ever had the pleasure of receiving. He was outstanding!

That house went to someone else - someone who was willing to remove all contingencies.

It took very little time for Nick to help us find and close the deal on a house that is a better investment in a better part of town than that first house. He missed none of my original "must haves" even though it was months after he and I first talked.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate professional and when it's time for us to sell and /or buy property again he will still be "our guy" - no question.


Diane Anderson

You were so pro-active...

I wanted to thank you soo much for your great expertise and persistence in finding my new condominium in Los Altos. You were so pro-active searching for places with my exact interests in mind. And you were very determined when it came to making an offer. And so pleasant all the time as well!

Thank you so much, Nick. I will definitely recommend you to others in the future . You are the best.


Fran Pooley

You were there for us every step of the way...

We love coming back to you to help us find our new home. We had an extremely tall order for you this time around. We thought our new home request was a long shot, but impossible requests don't stop you. We should never have doubted as you found exactly what we asked for!

Before we could move we needed your expertise to help us sell our existing home and you were there for us every step of the way. We had the open house at a great time and were surprised our house was only on the market for 6 days. We had a difficult buyer, but without you, we know the deal would have fallen through. You were also there for us during our transition by helping us find temporary housing. We were sad to leave our first home, which you also helped us buy, but very excited for our next adventure.

We love our new home and hope you will visit often as we consider you family!

Thank you, Nick!


Katie, Dan, Lauren & Cheesecake

The job got done with Panache!

Last month, Nick handled the sale of Nancy's and my house in Los Altos. He did this with aplomb, competence, and a nice humanity. There are doubtless other agents that merit comparable praise, so this may simply be dismissed as another brief compliment for a professional doing his or her job.

Fine. I have, as a matter of fact, worked with other Realtors over the past 45 years and they, too, merited praise. But Nick adds an ineffable touch, which, by definition, is difficult to put into words. Yet I find in him a gentle, almost boyish trait, a becoming, self-effacing way that sometimes lets you forget that he is completely and totally on top of everything. As in EVERYTHING! That trait, to me, is extraordinary. No one of my three previous experts had it. The only one that had a touch of that self-effacing gentleness was the legendary C. J. Fontinot of the long-ago Whitecliff Realty.

The job got done. Nicely. Cleanly. Competently. The job got done with Panache! So to play on the French here, Mr. Testa has definitely won yet another proverbial feather for a well-feathered proverbial hat. Treasure him, Sereno.


Nicholas Fortis

You are the kind of detailed oriented person that makes a great realtor...

First off, Rachel and I want to thank you for the work you did for us, not only in helping us find our house in San Jose but also in selling our house in Livermore. In the process of helping us find our house in San Jose, you were patient and took the time to show us many different options. In the end, we decided on a short sale. You took the time to explain to us the complications of short sales, and while you were encouraging, told us not to get our hopes up and to not expect it to happen quickly. We were all amazed to find out that the bank accepted our offer just a couple of months after we made it. Not only that, but Rachel was pregnant with our first child and was due right around the time that the bank wanted us to close! You were able to negotiate a later closing date, which gave us time to perform all of the inspections. With your help, you made a very challenging time for us easier to get through. The house in San Jose needed a lot of work before we could move in. You were able to recommend several great contractors that helped to get the house ready to move into. That was such a time saver and stress reliever knowing that we could trust the contractors we hired since they were recommended by you.

After we moved into our new house in San Jose, you listed our house in Livermore. I must admit that I was a little bit hesitant on having you list our house since it was so far out of your area. But I shouldn't have worried. You did a great job. You recommended several stagers, and the ones that we picked did an outstanding job staging our home. You traveled several times to Livermore to take care of business. Our house received an amazing ten offers after the very first open house, which is amazing in this market! Our house sold for well above asking. We couldn't have been more pleased with the way the transaction went.

Nick, you are the kind of detailed oriented person that makes a great realtor. You have the ethics and tenacity to get the job done right. We would not hesitate to call on you again the next time we need your services, and will also not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing real estate services.

Sam & Rachel Ellison

All of us are 100% happy with the "over and above" quality of your work...

The Gerhardt Family thanks you for the sale of The Arthur Gerhardt Home in Santa Clara. We respect your professionalism in dealing with everything to do with the sale. Your efficiency, attention to detail, manner of communication, and tackling of all obstacles was noted and appreciated.

You came through on all promises and that is admirable. Your openness to suggestions and your involvement with both service contractors and family members was impressive. Your tenacity and follow through to the end was remarkable and rare.

You performed admirably and wonderfully and all of us are 100% happy with the "over and above" quality of your work, plus the great results. You surely deserve a TOP STAR RATING!

Nick, know that in the future we will surely recommend your services to others, or if there be a need among ourselves we will definitely call on you.


The Gerhardt Family

We always felt like you were protecting our best interests...

Thank you for finding us a wonderful home for our new family! We definitely faced many challenges in our house hunt. We were first time home buyers with a set budget, a baby on the way, and were in a very competitive market. Even through all those challenges, you kept us focused and diligent in our house search. You walked us through each step of the process and make sure we were educated.

Even after our 10th offer was rejected, you did not let us get discouraged and we continued our search. When we finally got an offer accepted, you did not abandon us. You made sure to stay in touch with us and our mortgage broker. Again, we faced challenges and did not close as quickly as we had wanted due to issues with the lender. Even with this challenge we did not lose the house, all thanks to you! We always felt like you were protecting our best interests and we trusted your judgment.

It was an intense process but we could not have done it without your support, knowledge, and professionalism. We cannot wait to work with you again when we are ready to move to our next home. Thank you again for everything!


The Heinrich Family